Director - Frederick Berry

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Rev. Frederick D. Berry, Sr.

About Us

I am humbled to serve as the Shepherding Ministry Director here at The Mount under the leadership of our senior pastor, Leonard O. Leach.  My wife and I are excited about this opportunity to minister to our congregation.  

I have been a member of The Mount since 2000 and have served in several areas of ministry prior to this opportunity.  My kids grew up in The Mount and I have watched as other young people grow into mature adults.  It is my prayer that through the efforts of this ministry that people will see the love of Jesus.  I pray that they will come to know Him better and closer because I have ministered to their needs in such a way that their hunger and thirst for Christ will grow tremendously.

Frederick Berry

Favorite Scripture

Philippians 4:13

I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

The Vision Continued

Whereas Pastor Leach cast the vision for the Shepherding Ministry and Rev. Robert Duckworth along with his team gave legs to the vision, it is mine and our now to take up the torch and carry it on.  

With a great team of shepherds and captians it is our goal and desire to effectively minister to The Mount’s membership.  

It is my desire to effectively connect the shepherds and their captians as well as the general membership and community together.  Our prayer is that no one will fall through the cracks or leave out of the proverbal ‘back door’ because we have failed to connect with them or minister to their needs.

If you are not sure who your shepherd is or having difficulties connecting with them please let us know so we may do all in our power to ensure the connection is made.

Likewise, if you have a ministry need please let us know how we may minister to you.

Shepherding Ministry Director


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